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29 things i want to do be for i die

(1)The first thing i want to do before i die is go sky diving because it looks fun and adrenalin filled.

(2)The second thing is that i want to drive a F1 car Because it looks thrilling cause i want to feel the wind push onto me and forcing me back into the seat

(3)The Third thing i want to do is go snowboarding down mount Everest because it will adrenalin filled and it will be really fun.

(4)The fourth thing is i want to bungee jump of off the Empire State Building and almost hit the ground at over 200 miles an hour because it would just be banter to talk about to people.

(5)The fifth thing i want to do before i die is to drive the worlds fastest train in china and become the first Scottish person to drive it around Hong kong  I want to do this cause i would set a new world record.

(6)The sixth thing is i want to drive my first car into the sea when i got my next car Because i think it would be a cool experience to sea a car go flying down the beach into the water.

(7)The seventh thing is that i want to own a tank because tanks are awesome and i have always thought it would be awesome to own one.

(8) The eighth thing is that i want to become the manager of Celtic FC and make them the best team in the world not like they aren’t almost there anyway.

(9) The ninth thing is that i want to own BP so that i can become a billionaire.

(10)The tenth thing is that i want to write a book telling everybody what my entire life has been like.

(11)go and watch the F1 with jack.

(12)i want to make no.1 movie.

(13)Be on the most viewed on YouTube

(14)go paragliding.

(15)Own a Bugatti Veyron.

(16)play for England FC.

(17)play for Scotland RFC.

(18)Be hit by a train and survive.

(19)Own a phone campany.

(20)Go swimming with squidward.

(21)Own a libaray

(22)Build a train out of caravans.

(23)make zombies.

(24)Own a mansion.

(25)See a pink dolphin.

(26)Feed and own a pony.

(27)Be in jackass.

(28)I want to meet Hannah Hilton.



Hi everybody here’s my reflection I had absoluttely no problem logging in and I’ve used it quite often but I’ve had problems posting my post’s but appart from that I have had no problems with using the site. I’ve learnt that its fun to have a blog site as its a lot more fun than having homework that you have to write on paper as I know that teachers can find it hard to read my writing sometimes so this will make it alot easier. I’ve learnt about writing a blog its actually quite easy to write a blog. Thanks for reading

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